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Principles & Applicability

“HORNE” Roof Ventilators is self-contained. It works on the principle of thermodynamics or in simple language works on thermal currents of heat, which are abundantly available in any kind of shed. Hence, it does not require electricity or any other form of energy at cost.

[1] Basic Construction: -

“HORNE” Roof Ventilators is Dome called Roto and made up of overlapping wanes from anodised aluminum. Roto rotates on steel shaft with frictionless bearings.

[2] Working: -

“HORNE” Roof Ventilators is mounted on the roof. Hottest trapped air tries to escape from the openings between the wanes of the Roto. When the air is coming out from the gap between overlapping wanes of the Roto, Roto starts rotating. Rotation is possible due to design of the wanes of the Roto. Due to rotation vacuum is created and velocity of air going out enhances.

External wind if available helps to speed up the rotation of the “HORNE” Roof Ventilators .

Hot trapped air thrown out by “HORNE” Roof Ventilators from the Roof is replaced by fresh air from side openings (Windows or doors) of the wall. Fresh air brought from outside maintains the temperature, humidity & environment inside the shed close to ambient conditions.

Bring fresh air inside and throwing stale air through “HORNE” Roof Ventilators is called Ventilation. You can achieve desired ventilation rate with this concept.

[3] Installation: -

We undertake installation for the material supplied by us and ensure that installation is done scientifically to get maximum performance of the product. Overlapping principle is used to avoid water leakage.
We guarantee our product for 100 % leakage proof installation.
Desired number of “HORNE” Roof Ventilator will maintain the temperature, humidity & environment inside the shed close to ambient conditions

 How it benefits the user?  

1. Continuous, fresh ambient air flow in the shed.
2. Enchances working conditions, resulting in an increase in productivity.
3. Removes hottest trapped air, fumes, odour, floating particles, smoke and stale air from the shed
4. Does not allow the temperature in the shed to rise above that of theambient air, Controls condensation of     steam from the roofs.
5. Conserves energy in air-conditioned offices and factory sheds with roofs open to sky.
6. Effective in clean rooms.

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