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Benifits to the users

“HORNE” Roof Ventilators provide amazing power saving.
“HORNE” Roof Ventilators provides fresh air round the clock.
“HORNE” Roof Ventilators is quite effective and hence has attractive payback period.
“HORNE” Roof Ventilators throughout the year at zero operation cost.
“HORNE” Roof Ventilators is totally maintenance free.
“HORNE” Roof Ventilators

* Reduces increased temperature in the shed.

* Removes smoke fumes & odour.

* Removes floating particles.

* Reduces the load on Air conditioners and Fans.

In short installations of “HORNE” Roof Ventilators promotes healthier and comfortable working environment to man, machine and management to boost up productivity.

 How it benefits the user ?  

1. Continuous, fresh ambient air flow in the shed.
2. Enchances working conditions, resulting in an increase in productivity.
3. Removes hottest trapped air, fumes, odour, floating particles, smoke and stale air from the shed
4. Does not allow the temperature in the shed to rise above that of theambient air, Controls condensation of     steam from the roofs.
5. Conserves energy in air-conditioned offices and factory sheds with roofs open to sky.
6. Effective in clean rooms.

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